Change Log

Major Update V2.7.7 Released!

This is one of the biggest update released so far for Platform Engines! Please Update Software ASAP! We have added several new internal features and fixed all platforms giving you highest possible success rates than any other softwares!

We have added few new systems that can keep you account alive for longer and get your backlinks to stick!

We have introduced a new features : HQ Social Bookmarking List! Now you can get fresh list with just one click!!!!

Change Log:

1. Improved Task log Module
2. ADDED: Manual Activity for Pligg. (Simulates user behaviour)
2. Improved Success rates in Pligg, Scuttle, Drigg, PHPDug Registration.
4. Improved Success rates in Pligg, Scuttle, Drigg, PHPDug Posting.
5. Improved Application Stablility
6. Fixed all freezing issues and bugs
7. INTEGRATION of Social Bookmarking List System. (Get HQ Social Bookmarking List with just single Click!!)
8. Upgraded Auto Update Backend System.
9. ADDED: AI System that Improves Backlink Stick Rate!