Change Log

Major Update V2.7.6 Released + Windows 10 Support!

Its Major Update for Ultimate BookmarkR.

Change Log:

1. Improved Success Rates of Scuttle Sites to 60%.
2. Improved Email Verification Process and Now Success Rates of Posting has Improved to 80%.
3. Added Support for Windows 10.
4. Added Hooks for Upcoming Bookmarking List Subscription.
5. Improved Application Stability.

Those who havent updated to Windows 10 are requested to Update Software and then Update to Windows 10.

Those who have already updated to Windows 10 will not be able to run Software. You need to goto Members area, and Download Patch/Fix for Windows 10 and Extract Inside already Installed Ultimate BookmarkR Folder and Run Ultimate BookmarkR.exe. (You are just Updating Software Manually.)

For Fresh Installations, Please Goto Members Area and Download Fresh Installation Package and Install it. (Latest Updates are Already merged with Installation File.)