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You can create some of the High Authority and Most
Powerful Backlinks with this Bookmarking Software!

These backlinks have huge potential and offer so much more juice per link than your traditional bookmark. On average, these bookmarks are indexed much faster than your typical link and are of much higher quality.
Creating Bookmarks isn't Time Consuming and Difficult Anymore!
Normally you'd have to put in a lot more effort to get the quality and amount of links that this software can create in a matter of seconds. Previously, you'd have to spend a significant amount of time to register and verify an email to get the bookmark. From there, typically a CAPTCHA has to be solved and then only after doing that work will you get a single link.
It Sounds down Right Crazy, but you CAN become 500x More Productive! YES 500x!!!
That single bookmark is going to cost you a solid 5-10 minutes to receive, and that’s considering you don’t run into any problems along the way. Now 10 minutes may not seem that long, but let’s take a look at the bigger picture. If it takes you an hour to build only 6 bookmarks, that’s not exactly very efficient. That’s an hour you could’ve spent doing something much more productive or something that can’t be automated.
“It’s so much more efficient! Even More Than you think!”
With our professionally built software, you get the efficiency and speed which you never thought of!! Instead of only up to 12 bookmarks per hour, UltimateBookmarkR ¬¬can create up to 60,000** links in that time frame! This is not a low quality tool that you may have experienced in previous purchases or seen advertised elsewhere. UltimateBookmarkR has been coded by professionals who have built and worked with software similar to the big names in the SEO industry.
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NEW FEATURES (19/12/2014)

ONE CLICK ACCOUNT CREATOR - Yes generate Profile and Create Accounts in All Available sites with just One Click!
TASK LOG - Now You can View Logs of Each Task and Easily Determine the Reason for Failure
ACCOUNT VIEWER: - View and Export Bookmarking Accounts!

Ultimate BookmarkR works on a 6 individual platforms that support some of the world’s top sites such as Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, and many more!
12 Reasons to get
Ultimate BookmarkR NOW!
Set it and forget it!
Advanced built in scheduler to set it and forget it!
Multi-Tasking Capabilities
Now you have the ability to run several different tasks at the same time! Whether you need to register emails or ping backlinks, this can now be done all at once!
Mass Account Creator
Create thousands and thousands of accounts for thousands of different profiles with a single click of the mouse!
Mass Pinging System
There's no need for a third party to ping your links, instead you now have the ability to ping your links in the thousands that you may build them.
Unique Content and Descriptions
Get the unique content you need with the built in article and headline spinner!
Avoid detection and account deletion!
With an auto-delayer, you can simulate human usage to stay under the radar while building links! Everything is still automated, but simply looks more natural.
Randomize Usernames!
Get the security of random usernames and passwords for each account creation!
Know what's happening every week!
With weekly or daily email reports, you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your link building campaign!
Scrape High Quality Links!
Now you have the ability to scrape High Quality Bookmarking Sites from Powerful SE scraper that is built in!
Check your links!
A built in link-checker allows you to see which links are still useful and which ones are dead!
Create Links in High PR Sites
Our Social Bookmarking Software Supports High PR Sites Like Reddit, Stumple Upon, Digg, Diigo + Much More!
No more confusion!
With a dedicated support and development team, you’ll have help along every step of the way!
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So how does our product line up with a leading competitor? Check out this table below for an easy comparison between us and the leading guy!
Ultimate BookmarkR Comparison
Sl Features Product A Product B Ultimate BookmarkR
1 Supports Over 6 Platforms
2 Supports High PR Bookmarking Sites 4 7
3 Inbuilt Mathematical Captcha Solver
4 Unlimited Threading Support
5 Powerful Multithreaded Google SE Scraper
6 Advanced Scheduler
7 Mass Account Creator
8 Inbuilt Title and Description Generator
9 3rd Part Indexer Support
10 Site Crawler
11 Human Simulation Mode
12 Automatic Category Selection
13 Detailed Stats of Bookmarking Sites Like PR, PA, DA, Alexa, NF/DF
14 InBuilt Pinger
15 Backlinks Checker
16 Reliable DB Support
17 Automated Email Reports
18 One Click Reg + Posting
Unlike other software out there,
this is NOT a low quality tool

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Complete List of Features in
Ultimate BookmarkR

Supports Top 6 Bookmarking Platforms: It Supports Over 6 Top Bookmarking Platforms that not any other Software does.
Supports Over 10 High PR Bookmarking Sites: It Supports More than 10 Sites including Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Pinterest, and many more.
Advanced & Flexible Scheduler: It has Most Advanced Scheduler Built on Highly Reliable Architecture. It Allows you to schedule Submission by Days, Total Days, and No of Links Per Day.
Advanced Scheduler Crash Recovery System: It Enables Recovery System for Backup in case of any Sudden System Shutdown. All Datas are saved in Highly Reliable DB System.
Advanced Multi-Threaded Algorithm: It is built upon Advanced Multi-Thread System. You can Run Over 5000 Threads. Limit doesn´t matter here; set what suits your hardware best!
Advanced Multi-Tasking System: Experience Advanced Multi Tasking System. Run As Many Tasks as You want and as Many Threads as you Want Per Task. You can run as Many Tasks as you want at Same Time, Registration, Email Verification, Posting, Scraping, Pinging, Email Reports all at a Time!! Experience the True Power of .Net Environment.
Mass Account Creator: Its one of the Unique Feature! It helps you to Create 1000´ts of Accounts for 1000´ts of Profiles in a Single Shot! Just load email list and Done!
Fresh and Unique Database:You can get the Fresh Professionally Written and Spun Descriptions and Titles for websites to give ultimately powerful gape to websites. These are inbuilt so you don´tt need to buy description or waste time in writing one!
Human Simulation Mode: It may delay and slow down the process, but it is just for Accounting Security and gives it a natural look.
Extremely Well Thought-Out Management System:It is Highly Organized Software System that provides you ease of use and Professional Outcomes.
Powerful Platform Detector: When you add Sites, it automatically detects the availability of registrations (open or protected) and Saves Huge Bandwidth and System Resources for you By Removing Dead Sites.
Advanced Randomization Options for Bookmarking: It enables the Advanced Random Selection of Bookmarking, You can Choose How you want to get bookmarked! By Web Pages or by Sites!
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Inbuilt Mass Pinger: It helps to ping all your backlinks at single go!
Detailed Stats: It enables the Comprehensive Statistics of Bookmarking Sites Like PR, PA, DA, Alexa, NF/DF
Supports 3rd Party Spinner & Captcha Service: We Support TBS, Spinner Chief and for Captcha we Exclusively Support and few others.
Synonym Database: It has the Built-In Spinner that set you Free of TBS and Spinnerchief! We have our own Synonyms Database.
User Name DB: It enables the Randomization of Usernames and Passwords at Each Turn
Instant Reporting Updates: It gives you Live Reports of how much sites get succeeded and failed. You can create and Get Backlinks right away!
Email Reports: It sends weekly or daily Scheduled Email Reports of tasks.
Guaranteed Highest Success Rates: Yet not getting High Success Rate? Let us do it for you. We Guarantee It**
Google SE Scraper: ­ Scrape Your Own Bookmarking Sites with our Powerful Multi-Threaded Google Search Engine Scraper! It´ts a Free Module Yet most Important for Us!
Link Checker ­ You can Check all your Backlinks if they are alive and still
Website Crawler ­ Crawl More links from your site with Single Click!
Private and Public Proxy Support!
Absolutely Innovative User Interface: It bears the capacity of Windows 8 Styled Metro User Interface!
Highly Memory Efficient ­ It is Perfect System for VPS, doesn´t need much memory to run so stay free!
Nested Spintax Supported ­ Our Spinner has capacity to understand upto 5 levels of Spintax! So you can spin as much time as you wish!
Advanced Reporting ­ Get Detailed Graphs on Success Rates Based on Daily or Weekly Reports!
Advanced Platform Reporting ­Get Detailed Reports on Success Rates based on Platforms! See Which Platform Performs Well and which doesn´t!
Expert Supervision: We have Dedicated Professional Support and Development Team that specifically focuses on Customer Satisfaction!
Despite the fact it is very user friendly and anyone can learn how to use it. The Twelve features you see above are only the tip of the iceberg! Once you dive into to the software you´ll see the easy-to-use interface and just how efficiently the software can operate! Everything will become almost second nature to you!